Friday, January 27, 2017

These Banana Peanut Butter Monkey Dog Biscuits Are Drool-Licious!

I usually make our new, homemade dog treat recipe for the week on Wednesday. However, it's been a crazy week so it didn't happen until today. My inspiration was a fresh banana. Before I continue, I need to mention that fresh bananas are a far-and-few-between item in this household. Lisa hates bananas. She hates the smell. She won't eat anything made with bananas. This is why, in the past, I've relied on dried bananas when making homemade dog treats.

On a once-in-a-blue-moon whim, Lisa purchased 2 bananas last weekend to add to our kid's meals. We ended up using only 1 of the bananas. The second banana ripened almost to the point of being perfect for banana bread.

An item I don't bake because Lisa hates the smell.

It was at that point I knew this week's homemade dog treat recipe needed to be centered around fresh banana.

In the moments before creating this new dog treat recipe, I took out a large carrot from the refrigerator to slice up for our kid's afternoon snack...including Olivia.

I had a fairly good sized portion left over. There I was. Holding the carrot. Staring at the banana. That's when it happened.

Why not use both?

That's exactly what I did. I grabbed the grater, shredded the chunk o' carrot, pulled a few things from the baking cupboard and made this week's homemade dog treat recipe.

Before I tell you how scrumptious the final product is, I feel the need to warn those with sensitive gag reflexes.

Without beating around the bush or sugar coating it, when you take a very ripened banana and mash it, it resembles a bowl full of slimy boogers.

As I type this, I'm trying not to look at the photo because it seriously makes me gag.

So, if you're like me, and have a sensitive gag reflex, don't stare at the bowl of mashed bananas for too long.

With that being said, these homemade dog treats came out incredibly delicious!

Our kids feasted on these for their afternoon snack. Coco, who usually hates banana, gobbled these biscuits with gusto!

I was able to get a snack time video!

We'd like to thank Karen and Meg for giving these crunchy gems a name.

Banana Butter Monkey Dog Biscuits.

You'll find the recipe right here.

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