Sunday, November 27, 2016

I Am Now The Proud Owner Of A Brand New Singer Sewing Machine

Aside from gardening, my Grampie was notorious for finding the best deals in town for big ticket items. Back then, there was no internet, deal and coupon sites, or Google. If you wanted to find the best deal on a TV or household appliance, you had to rely on mail ads or spending the afternoon going from one store to the next. That's exactly what my Grampie did, and that included the Intellivision game console he bought for us grandkids.

To this day, I adhere to my Grampie's savvy shopping methods.

In the here and now, amid the digital age, finding the best deal on just about everything takes only minutes. And, with online deal and coupon sites, there's even deeper discounts to be found.

I'm not one to be lured in by the bells and whistles or what's new and great and what the Joneses are buying. I stay true to my savvy shopping roots. We shop around. Compare prices. Wait for the sales. Use coupons. In early spring, we scored a great deal on a new sofa. Over the summer, we purchased a new TV. With both big ticket items, we stayed well within our budget and we're more than pleased with both items.

I've been shopping around for a sewing machine for quite some time. My search began late last year when Lisa and I first talked about expanding Bodacious Biscuit Love. I put the word out there. Did anyone have a gently used sewing machine they'd like sell for cheap or donate? Long story short, 3 people donated sewing machines. None of them worked. I was frustrated. Finally, Lisa said, "You're buying a new one."

I shopped around. I've never purchased a sewing machine. The last sewing machine I had was a brand new Singer given to me as a gift over a decade ago.

Unfortunately, when I moved back to the east coast, I left it behind. 

By October, I narrowed it down to a few choices. Two of those choices were Singer models. The other was a decent brand, but one I've never tried.

I'm a huge fan of Singer.

None of the models I chose were digital or compatible with tech devices. All I needed was a sturdy sewing machine that extended a little beyond the basics.

This weekend, I made my final choice. I am the proud owner of a new Singer sewing machine.

I'm excited. Very, very excited.

This opens a whole new world for me on the Bodacious Biscuit Love end of things and DIY Dog Mom Projects. I can also start making cool DIY stuff for our kids like blankets and apparel.

The box sat on the table most of the weekend. Lisa spent both days doing yard work and putting the outdoor Christmas decorations up. I stayed inside and spent over 16 hours baking biscuits between Saturday and today.

I wasn't able to take the machine out of the box and play around with some fabric. However, it was there. Right there. On the table. My new sewing machine. I was like a little kid.

On the flip side, I couldn't help but think of my Grampie. I'm proud that he taught me how to be a savvy shopper. For me, the more I save, the more excited I get.  I shopped around. I waited for my machine to go on sale. I stayed well under budget.

That was worthy of a happy dance.

Thank you, Grampie.

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