Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Today, I Got High On Paint Fumes. Unintentionally, Of Course.

On the overnight, I started the process of making our Bodacious Biscuit Love Bin. Or, as I nicknamed, The Big Blue Beast. I managed to give most of it 2 coats of paint. Two coats will do the trick. During this time, I had our jet stream going. This includes having a fan in the window, blowing out, in the kitchen, while the top portion of the window in the home office is opened.

We include opening the window in the bedroom as well, but Lisa was sleeping.

The jet stream eliminates unpleasant odors like hard boiled eggs, seafood, burnt popcorn, and sauteed onions, almost immediately. It also circulates the air in our entire home. And, like on the overnight, it eliminated paint fumes.

Paint. Fumes.

Holy. Shit.

Let me set the stage a bit.

After catching up on some work stuff, it was time to work on The Big Blue Beast.

I needed to get the first coat on the inside and bottom.

I flipped the storage bench over and got everything set up.

The only difference between the overnight and this afternoon was I didn't have our jet stream going.

It's almost 90 degrees and a bit humid outside.

In order for the paint to dry, I needed the temperature within our home to be cool and dry.

Big. Huge. Mistake.

After putting the first coat of paint on the inside and bottom of the storage chest, I was feeling a bit woozy.

I wrote it off as not eating and lack of sleep.

An hour later, I started putting the second coat on.

Within minutes, I was higher than a kite.

I don't like that feeling.

Shortly after, the headache surfaced.

It didn't help that I had to stick my head inside the storage bin to paint it.

That's when I realized I had inhaled paint fumes for too long without proper ventilation.

At that point, I stopped.

I put the fan in the kitchen window blowing out and opened the home office window.

The air conditioner was still on. I didn't care.

I did that for about a half hour.

I painted the cover to the storage bin outside on the porch.

The headache wouldn't go away.

Finally, I said, "Screw it."

The rest of the painting could wait until the overnight when I could shut the air conditioners off, close the bedroom door, and utilize our brilliant jet stream.

The headache lingered into the evening hours. I took it easy. Lisa made dinner. We had plenty of family snuggle time on the sofa. By the time Lisa went to bed, the headache was gone.

Lisa is sound asleep with the kids. The bedroom door is shut.

Now, it's time to paint.

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