Monday, September 12, 2016

I Made Christmas Ornaments On A Gorgeous Summer Day!

It happened today. For the first time in over a decade, I made a batch of salt dough and baked some ornaments. After almost 3 years of working with dog biscuit dough, it was weird rolling and cutting bone shaped dough ornaments. The salt dough is completely different and and extremely temperamental. It's not as forgiving as my biscuit dough.

I made one batch and they baked up awesome. I love how each piece is different from the other. The no-two-are-alike adds a unique charm.

Once cooled, I broke out the paints, brushes and spent a portion of the afternoon giving each ornament a double coat of paint. I adore the colors. I like to use muted shades of brown, green, red, and blue. I had paint left over from the DIY toy boxes we made for the kids so I used those colors as well.

I didn't have time to hand paint the snowmen that will decorate each ornament. That will happen tomorrow. I'll also do a few personalized sample pieces.

And yes, I lost count how many times I thought, "It's still Summer and here I am...making Christmas ornaments." 

To be continued tomorrow...

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