Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy 4 Year Gotcha Day To Our Sweet Coco Bug!

Coco was a mess when we adopted him 4 years ago today. He was a year old and spent most of that year confined to a basement. He was terrified of crates and had very little trust for us humans. Coco was also very sick with Giardia, Sarcoptic mites/mange, a bacterial infection in his ears, skin allergies, and he was underweight.

We cancelled our plans to travel out of state, took him to the doctor, got loaded up with medications and prescription shampoo, and began the road to his recovery. It was slow. More of his story unraveled in the weeks that followed. He wouldn't eat store bought food and he had some peculiar eating habits that included taking a few bites of food and running into the other room.

With guidance from his doctor and a canine nutritionist, we started making homemade meals and treats for him (something we still continue to do for all of our babies). He loved it! Coco also began eating an entire bowl of food at one time.

This was Coco...about 3 weeks after we adopted him. His ears were healing. His skin was improving. He put on some weight. And, he finally started playing...something he had never done before. Tiny, baby steps.

When THIS happened, about a month after we adopted Coco, I JUST knew. Coco was going to be okay. A photo speaks a thousand words. Even today, 4 years later, this photo gets me all choked up.

We didn't just rescue Coco. He rescued us. We learned quite a bit. From that point on, our mission became clear. Since adopting him, we have adopted 2 more fur-kids. With each, we've learned more. And more. And, we will continue to do so.

Their stories, and what they endured prior to rescue, unravel in the weeks and months after adopting them. If you love, listen, and observe, they speak in their own language. A sound they make. A reaction. A juicy kiss. Sometimes, a bruise. We understand this. Sometimes change happens immediately. Sometimes, not until a year later, but it does happen.

Our life has changed with each and every baby that has joined our family. No more vacations. No more weekend getaways. We don't leave home for more than a few hours. Having to cancel plans at the last minute. Our life revolving around the weather. We've had our fair share of snarky comments, severed ties, and everything between.

But, you know what? We wouldn't trade it for anything. Our kids are our world. We're all "misfits." Slightly broken. Wabi Sabi. Crazy. We embrace it all. That's just how it is. And, that's not going to change.

Today, Coco is one of the most affectionate pups I know. He's fun, playful, loves nothing more than to be on our laps, mischievous, and he's a happy boy. He. Is. Amazing. He's also been an incredible big brother to his sister, Sophie, and brother, Lobo. He took them under his wing and welcomed them with such love.

Tonight, we'll be celebrating with his dinner of choice...steak and cheese grinders, maple glazed carrots, watermelon, and his favorite pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

And, of course, I made Coco his very own Gotcha Day hat. He wasn't in the least bit thrilled, but, after a wonderful evening, shared with his Mamas, Auntie Cindy, and Uncle Jeff, he was too tired to resist a photo wearing his Gotcha Day hat. Coco was tuckered out and ready for bed.

We love you so much, Coco, and we are proud to be your Mamas!

Thank you again, to Cindy and Jeff, for joining us in the festivities, and for Coco's new fleece blanket. He loves it.

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