Monday, June 27, 2016

Everything That We Have To Celebrate Is Right Here

Today is a remarkably symbolic day for Lisa and I. On June 27th of 2011, Lisa picked me up at the Manchester, New Hampshire airport. After living out of state for years, I moved "back home."  Long story short, Lisa and I met almost 20 years ago. We rushed into a relationship and lived together for almost 2 years. It wasn't the right time, however, that's when the foundation of what-was-to-come formed. We remained friends for a short while. Then, after a disagreement, we had a huge blowout. We went our separate ways.

In 2010, I found her on Facebook. She refused my friend request. Two months later, while visiting my family in New Hampshire for the first time in 7 years, she sent me a friend request. I accepted. She was living in Connecticut, but was visiting her parents who lived about 15 minutes from where I was staying. She asked me out for coffee. I said no.

I really did say no.

Two days later, I flew back to where I was living out of state. Lisa and I stayed in touch. Our correspondence was brief. In February of 2011, that changed. We emailed. Instant messaged. Then, a month later, we chatted on the phone.

Shortly before noon on June 27, 2011, Lisa picked me up at the airport. There we were. Face to face after not seeing each other for more than a decade. I can't even begin to describe that moment. I couldn't even look her in the eyes. I was nervous, but at the same time, at ease. Everything that had happened to lead up to that one moment, it was worth it. It all made sense.

From the airport, we drove to York Beach in Maine. I hadn't been to the ocean in years. Lisa had packed a surprise lunch of fresh vegetables, hummus and beverages. After walking the beach, we drove to the Nubble Lighthouse, found a bench and ate lunch.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Every year, on June 27th, Lisa takes the day off and we spend it together. In the weeks prior, we made some tentative plans to commemorate the 5 year mark. Maybe go to the ocean nearby to walk the beach. Maybe visit a couple of our favorite country stores where the floors creak when you walk on them. Or, grab a delicious seafood lunch.

As today neared, we found every reason why we shouldn't go forth with any of our plans. These reasons teetered on being excuses. Both of us weren't too enthusiastic about going here or there. Neither one of us wanted to admit the real reason why.

Our home. Our family. Our kids. Our life.

What we have now is something we had always talked about prior to me moving back home. Of course, back then, the scenario was a little different. We had planned on moving to NH and having human children. Apparently, the universe and fate had other plans for us. What ended up happening is we stayed in Connecticut and adopted furry rescue kids.

In the past 5 years, we've managed to get where we are now. We found an incredible home in a gorgeous neighborhood. Several of our neighbors have become family to us. We married in 2012. Less than a month later, we adopted Coco. Since then our family has expanded. The both of us have embarked on new opportunities on the work front. We launched Bodacious Biscuit Love in 2013. And so much more.

Everything that we have to celebrate is right here. Not at the ocean. Not at a country store. Not at a restaurant.

It's. Right. Here.

That's where we stayed to celebrate. Home. With our kids. We relaxed, spent lots of time with the kids, napped, and reminisced. Lisa made a quick trip to purchase some lobsters. I made baked potatoes. That's what we all ate for dinner. Yes, the kids too.

They love lobster.

It ended up being a fabulous day. Just being. Enjoying the here and now. Our home. Us. Our kids. Our family.

All of that is pretty great in my book.

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