Monday, March 21, 2016

The 5 Benefits Of Dog Hair

Dog hair is a permanent part of our wardrobe and home decor. It doesn't matter how often we vacuum, dust, wash our clothes and bedding, it's always there. Years ago, we gave up on our excessive efforts to eliminate the dog hair or at least a good portion of it. We realized the only way this would happen is if we didn't have (fur) kids. That wasn't going to happen. Ever.

Over the years, I've come to embrace dog hair. Accept it. While I do vacuum carpeted areas almost daily and Lisa washes the blankets once a week, it's not for the sole purpose of eliminating dog hair. I like vacuumed carpets and we like clean, fresh blankets.

Dog hair has its benefits...

1. It compliments our wardrobe. Nothing decorates a black, or other dark colored, turtle neck, T-shirt or skirt like light colored fur. It adds character.

2. It radiates our love for all things dogs. Sometimes, the dog hair on our clothes isn't from our kids. It may belong to shelter dogs or the fur-kids belonging to other pet parents in our life.

3. It filters out those select few who don't like dogs. The people who have brushed off a chair or sofa cushion, complained about the fur on their clothes after visiting or who have flat out said dogs shouldn't be allowed on the furniture or beds because of the dog hair don't get invited back to our home. We conveniently lose their numbers.

4. It generates conversation. Personally, I'd never ask someone who was covered in fur, "You must have a dog or two at home, right?" However, something similar has been said to me on more than once occasion.

5. Pride. I'm proud to be a dog mom. I'm proud of our kids. I'm proud of our life. Dog hair radiates all of that and than some.

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