Monday, January 11, 2016

Random Rant: The Problem Isn't Your Fur-Kid, It's YOU

Our Lobo loves to steal shoes
One of the most pathetic excuses, out of the many, I've heard by someone who had surrendered their "dog" to a shelter was, "He wouldn't stop chewing my shoes. I don't buy cheap shoes. The final straw was when he chewed up my brand-new $200 heels."

My mouth dropped to the floor. I can't process this level of stupid.

I'm guessing this human posted of her frustrations on Facebook in the weeks prior. Her random posts would have included photos of her chewed up shoes followed by a slew of ignorant rants. Her closest friends would have replied with sympathy. Not for the "dog." The shoes. A scant amount of replies, probably from those she didn't know well or at all, who are dog parents and animal lovers, would have typed out replies extending no sympathy for the shoes. In fact, their replies may have stirred the infamous shit pot.

I am all too familiar with stirring the shit pot. 

Several times a week I come across posts, on my various social media streams, from irate dog parents. Their "dog" chewed their shoes, tore apart a sofa cushion, chewed up DVD cases, ripped through the trash and scattered it throughout the house, or tore up a dozen books and magazines that had been strewn across the coffee table. Photos accompany these posts. I don't know what pisses me off more...the rant from the dog parent or the majority of replies.

I sit there, reading. Does anyone not see the problem here? If they do, and there is a good chance they do, why isn't anyone speaking up? Are they afraid it might cause a ripple? Is it too uncomfortable? Have we not let go of the high school mentality of not wanting to piss off anyone "in the group" because one might be shunned? I find it extremely hard to believe everyone is oblivious to the most apparent.

This is where I grab the big ol' spoon and give the shit pot a good stir. 

I'm not apprehensive about stating the obvious.

The problem isn't your fur-kids. It's you. Yes, human, you're the problem. Stop blaming the "dog." Stop insulting the behavior of your sweet pooch because you can't take the time to figure out why and address the issue.

My two-cents is never met with a kind tongue or the pet parent taking ownership of their short-comings. At this point, there's always a halt in replies. I visualize the initial group of sympathetic humans (for the shoes, not the "dog") sitting back in their chairs. Gasping.

"Oh. My. God. Did she just say that?" 

I wait for the reply. Three things usually end up happening...

I'm removed from their friends list.

Rolls eyes. 

I'm ignored.

I move on.

They justify their post and attempt to convince me they've done everything in their power to stop their "dog's" atrocious and destructive behavior.

I don't fall for their song and dance. I continue to stir the shit pot until I'm removed or ignored.

When your fur-kid is displaying less-than-favorable behavior, there's an underlying issue. It could be anything from separation anxiety to a health problem and everything between. There are many, many trained professionals out there who can assist with this.

I recommend a trip to your veterinarian first to rule out any health issues.

Yes, this takes time. Yes, this will cost you money. Yes, you'll probably address several potential problems before getting to the core issue. It's all about trial and error. It may take a week. It could take months. You'll probably be inconvenienced every now and then during the entire process.  You'll have moments of frustrations and triumph.

This was the commitment you made when you welcomed a fur-kid into your family. Or, didn't you know that? Did you think it would be a cakewalk? Were you under the impression your fur-kid wouldn't need for you to be deeply involved with their life? Did you assume you could devote minimal time and they were self-sufficient?

Not. The. Case.

Instead of posting photos of chewed up shoes and shredded magazines accompanied with ridiculous insults towards your fur-kid or is-there-anyone-who-wants-a-free-dog banter, take a good look at the real problem.


That's the first step.

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