Friday, January 15, 2016

Our Kids Have A Laundry Fetish

Doing laundry in this household is no small feat. Whether it's loading the dirty clothes into the laundry basket or folding blankets fresh out of the dryer, our kids like to help us out.

Coco likes to pull our socks off. He's always done this. At times, wearing socks around the house can be a bit challenging. Coco loves socks. If there are dirty socks in the bathroom, he'll scatter them around the house. Socks in the laundry basket, clean or dirty, have to be hidden beneath other clothes.

Coco also enjoys falling asleep on the blankets we throw on the floor after stripping the bed. Stealing socks from the laundry basket tires him out.

Sophie prefers clean clothes. Fresh out of the dryer while they're still warm. She's been known to fall asleep in the laundry basket on top of folded clean clothes. We don't disturb her. This is one of the many reasons why dog fur is a permanent part of our wardrobe.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Coco will bury himself under the pile of clean throw blankets and nap. The majority of the time, he can burrow himself under without knocking the pile on the floor.

Lobo likes to contribute too. He prefers shoes. When Lisa is in the basement tending to laundry, Lobo transports our entire collection of shoes from the kitchen to the office. Once done, he naps too.

This is why laundry takes most of the day to finish up.

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