Saturday, January 16, 2016

Candid Photos Versus Selfies

There are several memes circulating on social media cracking fun at candid photos versus selfies. How many of us have fallen victim to candid photos taken by friends and family. Minutes later, they're plastered on Facebook. Of course, we're tagged in these photos. The world gets a glimpse of us with goofy expressions, stuffing food in our moths or picking a wedgie.

Then, there are the selfies. The photos we take of ourselves, from the perfect angle, after we've done our hair, makeup and put on our favorite shirt. We crop. Edit. The end result is a photo we're proud to show the world.

Hey, look how pa-reeeeeeety I am! 

I can only imagine how our kids feel. I'm always snapping photos of our kids. Candid shots. While they're sleeping, eating, playing, lounging, etc.

I post quite a few of these photos on various social media streams. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest.

The kids see these photos. They spend a lot of time with us at our desks.


It seemed fitting to create our own meme.

The photo on the left is one I took seconds after I asked Coco if he wanted to go outside. He lifted his head slightly to acknowledge my existence. Then, he laid his head back down. Stretched. Spread his legs. Farted. Sighed.

I snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook. The photo included a short paragraph describing what had happened in the seconds before snapping the photo.

Coco was not happy with me for sharing the photo and story.

The photo on the right is a Coco selfie.

Enough said.

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