Monday, January 4, 2016

Nap Time On The Kitchen Floor

After spending the morning working at my desk in the home office, I decided to grab my Chromebook, notes, pens, make a fresh cup of coffee and work at the kitchen table. A change of scenery. Lobo was napping soundly in the doggie bed beside my desk.

Two seconds later, after sitting down at the kitchen table, I hear the familiar sound of Lobo's collar charms. There he was, at my feet, talking to me. I knew exactly what he wanted. Today was one of those I-want-to-be-close-to-my-Mom kinda days.

I grabbed a Pet Pillow from the living room along with his new favorite blanket and "baby." He curled up on the Pet Pillow. I covered him. Then, a few minutes later...this.

My heart melted...

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