Sunday, October 25, 2015

Our Kids Love These Pet Pillows

In February, when we adopted Lobo, our friend (also the ACO of the pound that rescued Lobo) donated a Pet Pillow crafted by the Ledyard CHAIN Inc Crafters. It was big, generously stuffed and made with a soft fleece material. Having a special needs kid meant making some of which included having more beds on the floor. Lobo is unable to jump on the sofa, chair or bed to lounge and nap.

This was our first Pet Pillow. Up until that point, we had 2 doggy beds on the floor. One in the living room and the other in our home office. Prior to Lobo's arrival, Sophie dominated the doggy beds. Coco prefers our bed. Nestled under the blankets. He had very little interest in doggy beds. Two was enough.

Then came Lobo.

He was smitten with his new Pet Pillow. Sophie loved it too. Coco even stretched out on it to chew his bone. And, for about 2 weeks, he went through a phase where all he wanted to do was hump the Pet Pillow.

Don't ask. After 2 weeks, the love affair was over.

In the months ahead, the Pet Pillow was Lobo's go-to place. Sophie's too. Lobo would whine if Sophie was on the Pet Pillow. She didn't budge. Lobo would sulk and hobble to one of the doggy beds. When Lisa and I eat dinner and play cards at the kitchen table, we'd bring the Pet Pillow in the kitchen to put on the linoleum floor. Sometimes, I would put it on the sofa for Lobo to curl up on if I was reading a book or writing.

Finally, I told Lisa, "We need to get another one. Maybe two." We don't have a considerable amount of free floor space. However, this was all part of accommodating Lobo's special needs. Our kitchen floor already resembled a patchwork quilt. What was a couple more Pet Pillows scattered on the floors? They'd pair well with the large basket overflowing with doggy toys and numerous toys scattered on the floors throughout the house.

Before we went ahead with adding to our collection of Pet Pillows, there was one test our existing one needed to pass. Wash. Dry. Once a week I would wipe down the pillows with a damp cloth or hose them down with the vacuum cleaner. The one we had needed to be washed. It was time.

It. Passed. The. Test.

We ended up getting two more. Another large rectangle and one large square. The kids went nuts. Even Coco. They played musical Pet Pillows. Lisa and I sat and watched.

It doesn't take much to entertain us.

Our kids are hooked on these Pet Pillows. So are we. They're reasonably priced and the proceeds go right to the shelter animals to cover medical costs and to purchase much needed items. You can choose from Pet Pillows already made or have one customized for your pup or kitty.

The Ledyard CHAIN Inc Crafters has a wide variety of colors and patterns and you can choose the size and shape. Prices are $8 for a small, $12 medium and $15 large. If you need an XL, they can do that too!

If interested, you can contact Cindy directly at

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