Sunday, October 11, 2015

One Of Our Kids Had A Play Date. First Time Ever.

Lobo had a play date today. He's the only one of our kids where play dates are an option. Sophie doesn't do well with most dogs. If they're her size or smaller, she tolerates them. She's a girly girl. Feisty at times. Moody. She surprisingly does well with cats; especially kittens we've fostered in the past. However, big dogs? Nope. We've tried. Coco is uncomfortable with multiple dogs and humans. He likes a peaceful environment. Any type of excitability or over-stimulation makes him nervous.

A wonderful lady from our Bodacious Community was interested in stopping by with some yard sale donations for our upcoming Bodacious Yard & Bake Sale. She wanted to bring her sweet pup, Lucy. While we weren't quite sure how Lobo would do with another pup, we said, "Sure!" We wanted to meet Lucy...a very special rescue pup with an extraordinary story. She's 3-legged like Lobo.

Prior to our visit, I explained Lobo's story and how we weren't sure how he would respond to another pup in his yard or home. And, Lobo barks a lot, at first, in the presence of other pups and humans. Most find it irritating. I will admit, it's rather high pitched. If he's close to my ears, and I'm caught off guard, the sound makes me wince.

Lisa and I often joke that his bark would be the prime sound for a house or car alarm. At times, after arriving home, I want to run out of the house covering my ears yelling, "Make it stop!!"

After my explanation, and a brief summary of how Lucy is with other pups, we agreed to try it out. Other dog Moms understand this stuff. They get it. All was good.

When our guests arrived, Lobo barked. And barked. A lot. We all sat in the fenced in back yard. Lobo calmed down. Lucy remained calm and was content observing and taking in all the new sounds, smells and humans. We had biscuits on hand. Eventually Lucy and Lobo roamed freely.  They did just fine together, but we didn't get too over-confident.

After about 20 minutes we went inside. Coco and Sophie were in the bedroom. Us dog Moms chatted. And chatted. Lucy and Lobo snacked on biscuits. They were getting tired. I held Lucy for a bit. Our dog Mom guest held Lobo.

The visit lasted for about an hour. Maybe a little longer. I could have sat and chatted all afternoon. Our dog Mom visitor was interesting and her stories held my attention. A stellar conversationalist which nowadays is far and few between.

Our dog Mom visitor surprised us with a bag of goodies. Homemade jams for Lisa and I and matching toys for our kids. We were grateful for her kindness. It's not often we receive gifts. I always stumble on my words. I feel like a dork.

Lobo grabbed his new plush toy and ran off into the other room.

We gave our dog Mom visitor a few bags of our biscuits. I had put them in a brown paper gift bag prior to her arrival.

Not even five minutes after Lobo's play date left, he was asleep on the sofa with his new toy. Our dog Mom visitor sent us a photo of Lucy...sound asleep in her car seat. Both babies were tuckered out.

Will there be another play date in the future? I'm thinking...yes.

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