Saturday, September 19, 2015

They Gobbled The Goodies With Gusto

Earlier this week we purchased a new vehicle. You can read about that here. While Lisa was filling out the paperwork that day, the topic of my baking ability had come up in conversation. After all was said, done and signed, Lisa told the car dealership gentlemen I would bake 'em up a little "thank you." That was on Monday. Yesterday morning I got up a little early. Baked. Cookies. Pumpkin bread. That afternoon, Lisa walked through the doors of the car dealership with a basket o' baked goods.

I was happy to bake for these guys despite my busy week of baking and massive sleep deprivation. They were good to us. They worked with us. They listened intently to what we do (biscuit love, events, emergency rescue transports, hauling donations of pet food and supplies, etc), what we wanted and what we needed. And, they found something right around what we were paying per month for our Altima. While the decent credit report and steady jobs played a key role, they didn't have to slash the hefty down payment. But, they did.

We will adjust our schedules and make time to extend gratitude. Always.

While I wasn't able to accompany Lisa to the car dealership, her recap of their appreciation made my day. In a nutshell, these gentlemen were like kids in the presence of homemade cookies and pumpkin bread. Lisa said the basket was emptied within minutes. They gobbled their baked treats with gusto.

That made my day.

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