Saturday, June 5, 2021

When Bad Weather Hits, You'll Find Sophie In Our Bathroom


Out of all of our kids, Sophie is the most sensitive to inclement weather and loud noises. That includes thunderstorms, torrential downpours, heavy wind, hail, fireworks, bright lightening, etc. When any of this stuff happens, I sit with all of our kids whether it's on the sofa, on our bed, or on the floor. That usually calms Coco, Lobo, and Willa. But, Sophie. Well, she likes to hide.

At our old home, her favorite hiding spot was under the nightstands in our bedroom or behind the sofa. We always made sure there was nothing under our nightstands and the sofa had ample space between the wall.

When we moved into the house we bought last year, we were amazed at how quiet it was here on so many levels. 

We are not on a busy street. 

Our raised screened-in back porch is a little slice of tranquility. 

This house is very well insulated.

To take a step back in time a bit, the 2 family house that we rented for almost 8 years (we were on the first floor), was not insulated. 

A well-insulated house not only holds in the heat during the winter and cold air during the warm weather months, but it also deters sounds from the outdoors.

We didn't discover this until last Spring. Early evening. We were in the living room. Watching TV. 

We took a break from the TV and went on the back porch. Much to our surprise, it was raining. Hard. 

We had no idea. 

However, despite the insulation and the quiet within our walls, Sophie always knew when there was a storm coming. 

We quickly learned that her new place of "hiding" was in our bathroom. 

On the left side of the bathroom sink or beside our towel rack.

We did our best to encourage her to utilize her old hiding spots in the new house, but...


Despite our efforts, our bathroom is her favorite comfort zone when there is inclement weather and loud noises. 

On days when we know there is going to be bad weather, I move my laptop to our dining room table. It's the central zone of our house. 

The bathroom is off of our dining room. 


When we're expecting bad weather or expect loud noises because of holidays, we put a blanket on the floor on the left side of our bathroom vanity. 

Sometimes, she gravitates toward the left side of our towel rack. 

On this particular day, we had thrown a bit o' dirty laundry there because our laundry basket was downstairs.

If that's where she wants to hide and feels safe...

That's okay with us. 

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