Friday, September 13, 2019

You Know What's Better Than Binge Watching An Entire Season Of Something On Netflix?

Lisa took a "staycation" day today. We got up at 7 a.m. Spent lots of time with the kids. Worked. A couple of days ago I made 4 jars of homemade raspberry jam. We gave a jar to our neighbor friend. I used the rest to make raspberry bread and turnovers. All homemade.

Lisa ran a few errands. We did housework. Delivered an order. Shipped a few orders.

Lisa spent a few hours cutting and sanding wood in the woodshop. I worked my magic with paint and detailing in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop.

I made one of her favorite meals for dinner.

In the past, when I have described a "staycation" day like this, people have said, "Doesn't sound much like a day off to me."


However, it's total bliss for us.

On Lisa's end, she gets to be home with the kids and me. During the week, that's not a luxury she gets much of. As of late, she's been leaving home around 5:30 in the morning for work and not getting home until over 12 hours later.

When Lisa is home with us on "staycation" days or the weekend, she spends lots of time with the kids. They miss her during the week and look forward to this time.

She's also able to do things at her own pace.

She can take her time eating lunch while reading the Turnpike Buyer or having a lengthy conversation with me.

On my end, I can sit and get work stuff done without having to get up every half hour to check on the kids.

Lisa helps out with housework so I have more time to focus on things I'm working on.

We get to talk and joke around and spend time together as a family.

We're not rushing around and always looking at the clock.

Lisa is able to take downtime on the sofa with the kids during the afternoon. She'll watch one of her shows, but 10 minutes into it, she and the kids are sound asleep.

We have longer family snuggle time because we can stay up later and watch a show or 2 on Netflix or Prime.

All the way around, it's great.

We'll never get what most people define as a "day off."

But, what is just as great is all of the above. Being able to slow down and exhale. Catching up on stuff. Us time. Family time. Lots of extra time with the kids. Having long conversations. Joking around. Cooking together.

In my opinion, that's a whole lot better than binge-watching an entire season of whatever on Netflix, spending the day in bed, or embracing the fine art of doing nothing.

That's just me.

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