Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Do I Become THAT Dog Mom Or...

We have several large baskets in the closet that are filled with clothes and costumes for our kids. Every season, I'm determined to take adorable photos of our kids in apparel whether it's costumes or a cute Summer outfit. I have opened the door, taken the baskets out, put them on the table, hold up a few pieces, and...

The kids disappear.

No joke.

Coco runs into the bedroom and makes one of his blanket bungalows on our bed.

Sophie and Lobo hide behind the sofa.

Willa will jump up to sniff the apparel before finding refuge in the DIY indoor dog bed or nappy nook.

I attempt to lure them back to the kitchen with treats.


Not even Sophie who is very food motivated.

I fold the apparel and costumes.

Place them neatly back into the baskets.

Put the baskets back in the closet.

It takes about a half-hour for our kids to start showing their sweet little faces again.

This year, I really want to take photos of our kids in Halloween costumes.

I have to make a decision.

Do I respect their stubbornness?


Do I become that Dog Mom who shuts the doors to every room, puts the gate up to the living room, and confines our kids to the kitchen while I sit on the floor, dress them up, and takes a few quick photos?


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