Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Sweet Shenanigans Compliments Of Willa

When we adopted Willa back in March of 2017, not only was she in full heat and had a couple of health issues, she also had a lot of, shall we say, unique habits. You can read about some of those habits here. In addition to that, she prefers swiss cheese style comforters and likes to pull all the pillows off the doggy beds throughout our home. 
Over time, she has settled down. She loves her home and her family. Unlike her previous home, she's not confined to a crate...one that was much too small for her. Willa roams free throughout our home 'round the clock. She gets healthy meals and snacks throughout the day and evening. There is no shortage of toys and chew bones and games of fetch and lots of cozy spots to take a nap. And, there's an abundance of love.

Willa is a happy girl. 

Once in a blue moon, she will get into a bit of mischief. 

That happened today.

I took an afternoon break on the front porch. I wanted to capture some Fall photos of the birds that frequent our bird seed and suet cake buffet. 

The kids were napping soundly.

Or, so I thought.

I was on the front porch for about 30 minutes.

When entered our home, THIS is what I found.

Refer to the photo.

I stood at the scene. 


I asked Willa, "What did you do?"

The look she gave back in response was priceless.

I picked up the mess while she watched me.

Still giggling. 

Still chatting with Willa who was more than amused by her shenanigans. 

Welcome to my Work at Home Dog Mom Life.

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