Friday, August 24, 2018

Our Neighborhood Family Date Night Was Kind Of A Big Deal

This evening, Lisa and I enjoyed a spectacular date night outside of our home. But, it wasn't just any date night. It was a neighborhood family date night. For the first time since we moved here back in 2012, our neighborhood family went out. Together. It was a pretty big deal.

For the past week or so, I knew that Jonny Debit was playing at Jimmies in Preston.  Last year for our Backyard Anniversary Party, we hired Jonny Debit to play. Phenomenal performance. This year, for Lisa's 50th Birthday Bash, we hired him again. All of our neighborhood family have enjoyed his shows.

When I learned that he was playing at Jimmies, I sent messages asking our neighborhood family if they wanted to join us.

They all said yes.

Lisa and I picked up 2 of our neighborhood family. We were the first to arrive. Little by little, everyone showed up.

We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner outdoors at Jimmies. Dessert. And, another incredible performance by Jonny Debit. By the end of the evening, we were all singing and dancing in our chairs.

A. Total. Fabulous. Evening.

We have another neighborhood family date night planned on September 8th at Hank's Dairy Bar in Plainfield. Jonny Debit will be playing that evening. It'll be another night of delicious food, awesome entertainment, and kicking it back in the great outdoors.

We are all looking forward to it!

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