Thursday, March 1, 2018

This Is The Scene In Our Home Office Every Single Morning

Years ago, I visited a rather large Amish marketplace in New York. Every item sold from baked goods and cheese to rocking chairs and quilts were made by the Amish community. I could have spent a small fortune in the marketplace. I left with fresh pasta, Amish butter, cheese, and a medium sized Raggedy Ann style fabric doll.

In 2010 when I visited my family for the first time in many years, I put the doll in my suitcase. I wanted to pass it on to a family member who is fond of Amish goods.

They kept the doll until 2012 when it was returned to me. In a box of stuff. This family member was moving and downsizing. I was a little shocked they returned the doll.

Since then, the doll has been on display in the living room and home office. It sits on a handcrafted wooden doll-sized chair that Lisa bought me a while back.

Coco, Sophie, and Lobo have never bothered the doll.

Then, Willa came along.

She was curious and would sniff the doll. If the doll or chair moved from her nose touching it, Willa would jump back.

Week after week, Willa got braver.

Since late last Summer, she tips the chair over and drags the doll across the room. This happens every single morning.

When she first started doing this, I'd pick the chair up and put the doll back on the chair. However, within 10 minutes, Willa tipped the chair over again and dragged the doll across the floor.

In January, I moved the chair and doll into the home office in front of my desk.

That didn't make a difference. Every morning, she still continued to tip the chair over and drag the doll across the room.

I took the above photo this morning. As you can see, nothing has changed.

Well, I stand corrected. One thing has changed.

I no longer pick the chair and doll up 87 times a day. Once she tips the chair over and drags the doll across the room, it stays there until bedtime.

So, if you ever visit our home, and you see something that resembles a crime scene involving a fabric doll and chair in the home office, that's why.

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