Friday, March 16, 2018

I Almost Let Busy Be My Excuse. But, I Didn't.

One of my many favorite mottos is that "busy is just an excuse." Those 5 words have been included in a slew of quotes over the years. The point to all of those quotes is that if you want to make the time, you will. It doesn't matter what's going on or how chaotic your life is. Of course, there are exceptions. However, for the most part, most of us cling to, "Well, I can't make it because I'm too busy..." Today, I almost let that happen.

I received an email early this afternoon. A subject line only. No content. It simply read, "Wine?" At the time, I was in the middle of my workday. I had a bunch of columns that I needed to write and publish. Approximately 20 DIY Dog Mom Projects were on the table ready for the final touches. I needed to create a new, homemade dog treat recipe. I had emails that I needed to read and respond to. I had to prep dinner for the kids, Lisa, and I. I was also in the middle of Spring cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.

My response to the email highlighted just that. No. I couldn't take the time for a glass of wine. Raincheck, please.

Then, within a couple of minutes, I halted whatever it was that I was in the middle of.


What was I doing?

Yes, I was busy. Yes, I had a ton of stuff to do before Lisa arrived home from work. Yes, there was a pile of work on my desk.


If I wanted to, I could make the time to sit, chat, and have a glass of wine with one of my favorite humans.

I sent a text that went completely against my email reply.

"I have time to come up for a glass of wine and chat. Is it okay to come over now?"


That's what I did.

Little did I know, I needed this wine and chat time probably as much as she did.

Hours later, we shared a pizza and salad dinner accompanied by wine and Angry Orchard.

And, made plans to spend a lot of time together over the weekend tackling some renovations and sharing additional meals.

Our kids loved the company this evening.

And, pizza crust.

At the end of the day, I had two choices.

The first, dwell on what didn't get done. That would include Spring cleaning the kitchen. Desk work. Putting the final touches on DIY Dog Mom Projects.


Embrace the great stuff that happens when you don't allow busy to be your excuse.

I chose to embrace the goodness.

The sky will not crumble and fall if my Spring cleaning isn't done on time. My desk work doesn't include etched-in-granite deadlines. Putting the final touches on DIY Dog Mom Projects can wait because we have another Nor'Easter heading our way and I don't like to post "up for grab" items if power outages may be an issue.

Yes, busy is just an excuse.

I'm busy, but...

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