Monday, August 7, 2017

We Canceled What Little Plans We Had, But I'm Determined To Make Her Vacation Memorable

Lisa is on vacation this week. It's the second time in 5 years that she's taken a full week off. We did have a few plans to pack a picnic and walk the beach, tackle some projects around the house, build a couple of DIY doggy gates for the front porches, and find a great old fashioned arcade and miniature golf course to spend a few hours at. And, of course, enjoy lots of extra time with the kids both inside and outside. However, the week before our backyard anniversary party, Lisa was diagnosed with Lyme Disease for the 2nd time this year. Early last week, she got another hit from the test results. She tested positive for Mono.

We were shocked.

Between the medications and the possible complications with being positive for Mono, we canceled what little plans we had. Lisa can't be in the sun or exposed to heat with the meds she's on for Lyme. Strenuous activity is a no-no with Mono. The meds are working. She appears okay, but I want her to take it easy.

Lisa is a little disappointed, but I'm determined to plan something each day to surprise her. Nothing big. Nothing expensive. Just something we don't normally get the time to do.

One evening, after dinner, I'd like to take her shopping for new jeans and an insulated lunch bag. She needs both desperately.

One of our dinners this week will include fried seafood. It's our favorite.

I'd like to take her to Lowe's so she can pick out and buy a new power tool for the wood shop she's building downstairs.

I've planned a date night that includes ordering our favorite Chinese takeout and eating at the table while we play cards.

There's definitely going to be a trip to the new ice cream stand that everyone is raving about.

On Thursday we're having a couple of dear friends over for a mid-afternoon cookout.

Saturday is Lisa's birthday. We'll start the day off with bagels and coffee on the road while we spend a few hours visiting yard sales and flea markets. For dinner, we're getting lobsters that we'll enjoy at home. Our kids love lobster and we always share. And, to end the day, we'll have strawberry shortcake, a pup friendly dessert, and lots of family snuggle time on the sofa.

I want to spoil Lisa this week. She works incredibly hard for our family and we never go without. She always puts our needs and wants before hers.

I want to have lots of family snuggle and play time. The kids miss Lisa during the week when she's away at work.

I want to exhale.

I want to enjoy the moment. To simply exist. Breathe.

I want Lisa to get lots of down time so she can relax and unwind and recover.

I will make it happen.

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