Saturday, August 12, 2017

Today, We Celebrated Lisa's 49th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my incredible wife! What a fantastic day! This morning we escaped for a few hours. We enjoyed pastry and coffee in our vehicle while searching for treasures at yard sales and flea markets. At one of the yard sales, we stumbled on an item that I am super excited about. I've searched high and low. I've spotted about a dozen over the past few years during our yard sale, garage sale and flea market excursions, but they've either been in poor shape or overpriced.

After a few years of searching, today we scored! I'll post a photo soon. 

This afternoon, we enjoyed lots of snuggle time with the kids and a blissful afternoon nap. And now, LOBSTERS for dinner! We'll be finishing off the evening with her favorite key lime pie and lots of family snuggle time on the sofa with a movie or two.

All of our kids were intrigued by the lobsters we bought for dinner. Look at those four lil' squishy, wiggly bums with wagging tails! It was Willa's first experience with lobsters. And, as with every summer when we enjoy a lobster dinner, the kids got some too. We always share. They love lobster meat! 

Life. Is. Good. 

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