Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Moms Of Human Kids Aren't The Only Ones Celebrating Back To School Day

This is the third year I've posted Lobo's back to school photo. This year, he wanted to pick out his own outfit. Fine. He chose a fleece hoodie with a bright pumpkin print, UGG style boots, and the winter pom-pom Gotcha Day hat I crocheted him back in January. In addition, all he wanted for props was the Back to School sign and his little pull bag filled with biscuits.

I was happy to do all of this and embrace the effort and patience that went into photographing him. It took a lot of roasted chicken bits and nibbles of my homemade zucchini bread to bribe him.

What contributed most to my relaxed and playful demeanor, aside from Lobo's cuteness, is that today marks the first day of Back To School.

Yes. Back. To. School.

I've read countless posts from Moms of human kids who have plans to celebrate today. And tomorrow. And Friday. They've been home with their human kids all Summer. They were in dire need of a quiet house. No human kids to deal with all day. No noise. No human kids complaining that they're bored.

A few Moms celebrated with pretty Mimosas after the school bus drove away. I salute you.

I celebrated Back To School Day for a slew of other reasons because, obviously, being a Dog Mom and a Mom to human kids are totally different.

As a work at home Dog Mom, what I do during the day greatly depends on the noise level both inside and outside of our home.

During the school year, the noise during the week is pretty much non-existent until school lets out for the day. Our kids bark at the sound of buses and the nearby kids. Which is fine. To be expected. I plan my work day around that. I know that when the human kids are in school, things will be quiet here. Very. Very. Quiet. Our furry kids won't bark much.

During Summer vacation, that's not the case. There's noise. Lots of it. Our kids hear every bit of noise and bark accordingly. Some days are better than others, but what remains consistent is the inconsistency.

By the end of July, my nerves are shot. The last couple of weeks before school starts, I'm threatening Lisa and our kids that I'm going to temporarily move to a cottage in some remote area for the next 2 weeks so I can have peace and quiet and get some work done.

When I threaten them with that, I'm always on the verge of tears because it's not something I'd ever do. I couldn't fathom leaving my home and family for even 24 hours.

But it feels good to say it because, by mid-August, I've had it. Really. Really. Had it. I'm ready for the human kids to get on the bus and go. Go. Go. Go.


I've got one more school year to get my shit together because come next Back To School season, it won't be back to school for all.

But, I'll cross that bridge when we get there.

For now, I'm going to enjoy this Back To School season with every ounce of my being.

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