Saturday, May 27, 2017

Trying To Get The Floors Cleaned Is Like Brushing Your Teeth While Eating Oreo Cookies

I've lost count how many times I hear, and read, about the trials and tribulations of Moms of human kids trying to get housework done. There's a slew of memes to support this tedious task. One of my favorites is, "Cleaning with toddlers in your home is like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreo Cookies." Although I'm not a Mom of human kids, I get it. Trying to do housework with 4 fur-kids is challenging too.

My mission was to get the floors done today. Carpeted. Linoleum. It didn't matter. I wanted to sweep, mop, vacuum. I was determined.

However, the kids were just as determined to make these chores as difficult as possible for me to get done.

After putting away the dozens of chew bones and toys scattered throughout our home, within 5 minutes, almost all the toys were taken out of the doggy toy boxes.

If that wasn't enough, Lobo and Willa dragged doggy throw blankets into the kitchen. Lobo fetched several pairs of shoes and slippers to contribute to the mix.

Is it Wine O' Clock yet?

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