Friday, May 5, 2017

Paint. Margaritas. Sopaipillas . Because It's Cinco de Mayo, That's Why...

When you've spent the entire week sanding, painting, distressing, surviving off 3 hours of sleep a day, limiting your caffeine intake so your hands aren't shaky when you paint freehand art and lettering, and the urge to crunch on Centrum Silver strikes because 90's Alternative Rock is being played on the Oldies Station. Yep. That's when you decide to make it an early work day and invite a couple of friends over to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

That's exactly what I did. We actually planned it yesterday.

To back up a few steps, Cinco de Mayo is the only day I drink tequila. In the form of a homemade Margarita. One. Maybe two. Lisa buys me a single nip of my favorite tequila and a couple of limes.


This year, she came home with a bigger bottle.

"You should invite K over for margaritas."

The thought had crossed my mind, but...

"I still have a ton of work to do and I can't afford to take an early day."

Lisa can read me like a book. She knows I've been bustin' ass making Bodacious Patchwork Doggy Quilts and other DIY Dog Mom Projects for the upcoming event on May 20th.

Bustin' ass translates to surviving on 3 hours of sleep, spending a good portion of the day and overnight hours at the table working on these items, and hardly seeing the light of day. 

She knew I needed a break because I still have 2 more weeks of work to prepare for the event. I need to get it done. I will. There's no doubt, but it's not going to be easy.

"You need to take a break and unwind. It'll do you good."

I knew she was right.

I invited K and A over for a little Cinco de Mayo celebration.

I'm glad I did.

Lisa was right.

I painted for most of the morning. Cleaned up. Did a little housework. Had lots of playtime with the kids.

I made scrumptious nachos, a homemade Mexican pizza, and for dessert, fresh made Sopaipillas with honey butter and ice cream.

I also whipped up homemade margaritas. Two kinds. Traditional on the rocks and frozen berry.

K brought a small bottle of tequila too. We almost went through both bottles.

We had a blast.

Much needed.

I need to listen to Lisa more often.

But, don't tell her that..shhhhhh

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