Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mother Nature Hasn't Been Too Cooperative

I'm getting there! This is just a TINY portion of the DIY Dog Mom Projects that I'm making for the Spring Festival and Craft Show on May 20th.  It's a mix of doggy themed wall decor, leash and pup apparel holders, and DIY Doggy Toy Boxes. The process of converting 2 small piles of fresh cut wood into this has gone a bit slower than planned. I have Mother Nature to than for that.

The weather has been a bit on the cool side and this trend will continue for the next week. Normally, that's not an issue, but accompanying this chill is rain. Lots and lots of rain. With rain, you've got a high percentage of humidity.

It's too chilly to put the A/C's on. It's too humid to put the A/C's on fan mode. It's too humid to put the fan in the kitchen window blowing out and fans in the home office and bedroom window blowing in to create air flow throughout our home.

On the flip side, it's not chilly enough to keep all of the windows closed.

I tried that it got unbearably stuffy in here.

As a happy medium, I have all of the windows opened. There's a nice breeze, but it's still allowing humidity into our home.

The paint has taken longer to dry.

My goal was to have all of the wood pieces mostly finished by now.

That didn't happen.

I moved my goal line to Wednesday.

We're supposed to have a break from the rain and humidity. Maybe a little sunshine to dry things out.

If Mother Nature cooperates, which I'm hoping she will, I'll be in good standing by the end of this coming week.

We're keeping our fingers and paws crossed.

May 20th is right around the corner and there's still lots to do.

But, I'm still confident that we've got this.

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