Tuesday, May 9, 2017

In My World, I Have Respect For All Moms

I have a fierce sense of humor. Sarcasm is my second language. I'm not offended by much. However. I have my limits. That fine line. Up until a few days ago, I visited a favorite-of-mine Facebook group of humorous women often. It's a Mommy blogger group. But. Not anymore. Between this post, and the inaccurate and ignorant comments to follow after this meme was posted, I've lost all respect.

As a work at home dog Mom of 4 rescue pups, I can honestly say I've never ONCE compared my work at home dog Mom life to a stay at home or work at home Mom of human kids life. I'm a realist. Human kids and fur-kids are from 2 different worlds.

I've been working online for a decade now and I've kept tabs on the continuing battles between both worlds. It frustrates me to no end to witness the hate, comparisons, and downright hateful blog publications bashing one world against the other.

In MY world, I have respect for ALL Moms. 

I don't care if you're a stay at home or work at home Mom to human kids or fur kids. I don't care if you're a foster Mom to human kids or fur kids. I don't care if you are a Mom who had to rely on another woman to have your baby via surrogacy. I don't care if your human baby is adopted from another country. I don't care if you're a Mom of 5 fur kids or a Mom of 7 human kids. I don't care if you're a Mom of both human and fur-kids. I don't care if you're a Step-Mom. You ALL have my respect.


Because we're all women. We're all Moms. Our challenges throughout the day are different, but why should that matter? We're all struggling. We're all doubting ourselves. We're all wondering if we're doing the best we can. We're all stressing. We're all responsible for a LIFE aside from our own.

With Mother's Day approaching, we need to keep this in mind. Let's honor each other. As women. As Moms. No comparisons. No hateful memes. No disrespectful blog posts. No disrespectful comments. No bashing. No shame.

We're all equal.

We're all Moms.

That's where I stand....

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