Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas From Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life Home To Yours

This is Christmas morning in our Bodacious Dog Mom Life household. Enjoying our morning coffee together. Biscuit crumbs decorating the carpet. Coco and Lobo on Lisa's lap. Sophie on mine. No plans. The cheesecake is chillin'. I'll be making a lasagna later for dinner. Our babies will feast on steak, sweet potatoes, and their favorite veggies. There will be lots of family snuggle time on the sofa. A movie or two.


I've been in the kitchen making lasagna and the raspberry compote for the cheesecake we whipped up last night. I managed to type a few blog posts at the kitchen table on my Chromebook. I've sipped a glass of gorgeous red wine and poured another.

I needed something in the home office and had to walk through the living room to get there. THIS was the scene.

I stood behind the living room chair with my camera. I waited a few minutes before snapping the photo because I wanted to embrace this moment. Be in the moment.

Over the past couple of years, Lisa and I have lost quite a few dear friends and family members. Each have taken their last breath after a long illness, or more recently, suddenly without warning. With each one, it has hit us harder and harder and harder.

At the end of the day, I'm reminded at how precious life is. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. All we have is today. Right now. This moment. So, when I see THIS, my heart melts.

It's Christmas. I'm so grateful that Lisa and all 4 of our fur-kids are here. Happy. Healthy. I'm thankful we had the means, opportunity, and assistance from some incredible people to help about a dozen families out this year with food, clothes, gifts, holiday pet baskets, biscuit love, etc.  I'm also grateful that we got to spend time with our dear friends and enjoy an early Christmas dinner feast with 2 incredible people with the biggest of hearts.

Today, we're taking it easy. Staying in our pajamas. The chores can wait until tomorrow. There is no schedule. No plans. It's an "exhale" kind of day.

I will enjoy every moment of that.


Merry Christmas from our Bodacious Dog Mom Life home to yours. 

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