Thursday, February 18, 2016

This Dog Mom Drinks Wine, Swears And Burps Out Loud

I recently stumbled on comical Facebook page created and maintained by a group of "Mommy Bloggers" who drink wine and swear. I've visited their blog site and, of course, it specifies "REAL moms connecting with other REAL moms." I drink wine. I swear. I've been known to wipe my mouth on my sleeve. I burp out loud. However, upon visiting their site, I immediately feel shunned. Door closed.

REAL Moms. 

I'm almost certain my replies would be ignored. Ridiculed. My kids have fur. Paws. They poop outside. Bark. My daily struggles, stresses, chaos and work-at-home dog Mom life (apparently) isn't relevant. The constant state of exhaustion that plagues me (apparently) is nothing in comparison to REAL Moms.

What does that even mean? REAL Moms. Why the capitol letters? Pfffft...

I am fully aware that being a Mom to a human child is worlds different from a dog Mom. I get that. I'm not trying to imply that our struggles, joys, daily stresses, etc are identical. Certainly not.

But, we're REAL Moms too.

The word Mom doesn't just apply to a woman who's given birth to a baby. By definition, the word Mother means a female parent, a mother-in-law, stepmother or adoptive mother. In no way shape or form does it imply Motherhood is ONLY acquired by giving birth.

I fall in the category of adoptive Mother. I'm proud of that. I'm no less of a Mom. I too am a REAL Mom.

I'll raise my wine glass to that. Burp!

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