Monday, January 18, 2016

Lisa's Brave Escapade Behind The Lens

This happened earlier today. A nap. I haven't been sleeping well as of late. Why my brain opts to come up with awesome blog topics and patterns for tote bags when it's time to sleep, I'll never know. I spend the first 20 minutes in bed emailing myself so these bits of inspiration aren't lost by the time I wake up. Two hours later. Unable to fall back to sleep.

I snuggled up with Sophie. She fell asleep before I did. I dozed off to the sound of Sophie's tiny snorts and snore-like-noises.

And, I left the camera on the table.

Lisa decided to do what I have done so many times. Snap photos while she's sleeping and snuggled with the kids.

Sophie woke up during Lisa's brave escapade behind the lens. I, however, slept right through it.


Although I prefer to be behind the lens instead of in front of it, I'm kind of smitten with this photo. It captures the very essence of what happens when we crawl into bed. The kids curl up with us. Our pillows are piled high with their blankets. They nestle in their blanket bungalows.

Did you think I was going to wrap this post up without adding one of the photos I captured of Lisa's nap time with Coco? It's all about balance.

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