Sunday, November 29, 2015

'Tis The Season For Minimal Contact With The Outside World

Thanksgiving is done and over with. We're officially sick of leftovers. The remaining turkey meat has been cut up, bagged and put in the freezer. The Christmas tree is up along with a few other festive indoor decorations. Lisa finished with the outdoor display earlier today. It's beginning to look a lot like...Christmas.

Today is my last day to exhale. I purposely took it easy for the past few days. Literally. We watched a total of 7 movies. On the sofa. With all of the kids. I read a full novel. Started another. Read 2 magazines. Napped twice. Organized the "biscuit" room and made room for sewing stuff. Caught up on emails. Ordered new Bodacious Biscuit Love cards, an inked stamp and our 2015 Christmas cards. Drank several bottles a bottle of wine. Made a book wish list.

This was all in preparation for tomorrow. The first day of, what will be, three weeks of non-stop baking, packaging, labeling, swizzling, shipping, delivering, visiting, and, amid the chaos, working, writing, keeping house and everything between.

Exhale. Pour a glass of wine.

Three weeks. Very little sleep. Lots of caffeine and wine. Minimal contact with the outside world. Lounge pants. Turtlenecks. Sloppy buns. Black circles under my eyes. Squinting at the mere sliver of sunlight. No bra.

It all starts tomorrow.

While I would like to say things will simmer down the week of Christmas, that's not the case. Once the Christmas rush is over with, the winter season commences.

Winter officially begins December 21st.

What that translates to is hunkering down for the next few months to whip up patchwork doggy blankets, bandannas, totes and continue with the endless piles of work and columns to write.

And a book to publish. Finally. Maybe. 

For now, I'll pour a glass of wine. Get on the floor. Play with the kids. My skin will be showered with juicy kisses. I'll enjoy the last few hours before the rush. The chaos. Pale face. Cracked lips. Droopy eyes. Napping on pet pillows and doggy beds.

'Tis the season.

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