Saturday, October 31, 2015

Quite Possibly The Best Halloween Ever

I love Halloween. We hand out candy during trick-or-treat hours. This year, we had a few friends over. I made a gigantic "cauldron"of  my "famous" corn chowder with bacon. Three different kinds of homemade bread...plain, rosemary and molasses. Pumpkin bread. Harvest vegetarian soup with beans. Decadent pumpkin whoopie pies. My version of Halloween Moose Munch. Adult beverages.

Originally, about a month ago, our guest count was 2. I was going to make a small pot of chowder and dessert. Then, a week later, our guest list grew to 4. A week later...6. Then, a few days ago, the total count was 8. This afternoon, it climbed to 9. At one point last week, I told Lisa, "You do realize this has turned into a Halloween party, right?" I was excited. At 41 years old, this was my first Halloween party.

True story.

And because it was an official Halloween party, we ventured out to purchase a few decorations, matching paper plates and napkins and other spooky stuff.

During the week, I had baked extra dog biscuits. In addition to restocking our displays and delivering biscuit love to a few of our local animal shelters, I made sure we had plenty left over to give out for trick-or-treating to those who had fur-kids at home. Our 2 fur-nieces and fur-nephew stopped by, dressed in costumes, about a half hour before most of the guests arrived.

The day of the Halloween Party, we put aside a couple of hours in the afternoon to spend with the kids. Playtime. Special snacks. Extra snuggles. For their safety, as we do every Halloween during trick-or-treat hours, we secure them in the bedroom.

None of our guests are night owls. We all drank wine. Ate. Engaged in conversation. Had a few laughs. People went home around 9 Some lingered for a bit longer. Which was more than okay. We had a blast.

Much needed.

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