Wednesday, September 23, 2015

BuggyBee Designs To The Rescue

Recently I confessed to having a little meltdown at Michaels. I lied. Truth is, I had two. The one over the plush dog was actually the second meltdown. The first meltdown occurred about a week prior. Several hours after Lisa arrived home with our newly purchased vehicle. I wanted decals for our windows. Something that represented who we were. I had a few ideas in mind.

Proud Moms Of Rescue Dogs.

Our Kids Have Fur.

Got Rid Of The Kids Because The Dogs Were Allergic.

In addition to letters, I wanted either paw prints or dog bones.

After a quick dinner, Lisa and I ventured off in our new vehicle. The first store we hit up was Michaels. For me, it was a no brainer. Craft store. Window decals. My brain didn't flirt with back-burner thoughts of, "What if Michaels didn't have window decals." Michaels. Has. Everything.

Lisa and I searched. And searched. Nothing.

We made our way back to the front of the store. A young lady was behind the counter. Lisa inquired about decals. Lettering. Graphics for a car window. She was hoping something would ring a bell. Nope. The clerk informed Lisa they didn't carry decals or graphics for car windows.

If you watch Modern Family, you're familiar with Cameron's screechy, ear piercing gasps of surprise. That very same noise escaped my mouth in the form of, "Whaaaaaaaahhhhhtttttttt!!!!"

"What kind of craft store doesn't carry sticky letters and decals for car windows? Are you kidddddinggggg me?! You sell everything under the sun including hard plastic back massagers that slightly resemble sex toys, but you don't sell decorations for a car window?!?!"

The young lady had a blank look on her face. She apologized. In the process of stomping down the main aisle I spotted a sale on scented wax cubes. I swallowed my pride and grabbed a bunch. Lisa brought our items to the counter and paid. I walked gracefully out the door.

That night, I wrote about our experience on Facebook. Valerie replied with an offer to make us custom decals. I knew she made decorative signs and wall decals, and she has a gorgeous Great Dane named Lizzie, but I had no idea she owned her own business...BuggyBee Designs.

We messaged back and forth. I told her what I wanted and a few suggestions for colors. She sent me photos of the colors she had available. I chose the blue lettering and brown paw prints. Shortly after, Valerie sent a sample copy of what the lettering and paw prints would look like. The decals were ready within 24 hours. We made arrangements for us to visit her home where she'd apply the decals.

It. Was. That. Simple.

Honestly, I was in awe. When Lisa came home and I examined her work, I was impressed. We made the decision right then and there. Valerie was officially our go to person for custom decals and decorative signs. Lisa and I support local artisans and, whenever possible, purchase from the talented humans who offer custom made jewelry, decor, pet items, etc. We'd rather support the locals than mass retailers.

Thank you, Valerie. You're exceptionally talented. Our window looks exactly like I had envisioned it. We'll be in touch soon for the other window.

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